Career Services (Interview, Resume, Career Coaching)

Career Consulting

Career services are available to both graduates and experienced professionals, across all sectors and industries. All sessions are conducted by work and organisational psychologist and Budding CEO Susan Kealy, who has enormous levels of expertise in relation to professional branding, and a proven track record of delivering results for clients. 

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Resume writing

Creating the perfect resume when you're just starting out in your career can be difficult, but don't worry, that's our job. 

We help get the exact information needed from your head onto our gorgeous design templates, making sure you have everything you need to make the shortlist.


Interview coaching

Ever had that out of body experience, where you hear yourself talking about...something...but you're not quite sure what? When this happens, the job offer usually doesn't.

We make sure you have the best chance of being hired by preparing you for any question an interviewer could throw at you. 

We'll share with you our winning interview answering techniques and polish you up so that you can't but impress, helping you land that dream role.


Career exploration

Ever feel worried you'll end up in the wrong role and be miserable? We've made it our mission to stop that from happening.

If you want insight into the careers that would be perfect for you, and learn how to utilise your qualifications in the right way, then talk to us.