Job Title: Chief Technology Officer


Budding is about matching the right graduates to the right roles. We are looking for a motivated and self-starting service/software engineer to join our small start-up with a big vision – either on a fix-term contract or a partnership basis (details will be negotiated with the right person).


Description of duties.

Development: The CTO will be responsible for designing the architecture, coding, and all other aspects of the development process to get the project to completion. Initially, this will involve working with UI professionals and graphic designers to create an MVP.

Project Management: The successful CTO will oversee the different technical components of the project and exercise planning in order to seamlessly integrate these parts into a finished product. The CTO will be responsible for ensuring successful product launch.

Algorithm Design: Two algorithms are being designed in conjunction with DCU, who are formulating the logic. The CTO will be responsible for coding the algorithms as well as helping to suggest continuous improvement. Knowledge of algorithm design therefore essential.

Input into Data Mining: Over time, Budding will be collecting valuable information regarding user career behaviour. The ideal CTO will have ideas about how best to leverage this data and will ensure that the right information is being collected. They will be able to leverage their insights to reach commercial goals. Knowledge of Big Data therefore important.

Security: The CTO will be responsible for ensuring that the most economical and effective decisions are made with regard to technology outsourcing. They will be responsible for documenting all important information, reviewing contracts and ensuring the safety of Budding with respect to contract terms and foreseeing and preventing problems.

Data Protection: The CTO will be responsible for ensuring compliance with legislation regarding data protection.

Budgeting and Planning: The CTO will be required to carry out a cost analysis and identify funding needs, as well as work to a limited budget, ensuring there are no unnecessary expenditures.

Team Supervision: The CTO must be willing and in a position to manage external people resources or internal staff should the need arise.

Quality Assurance and Troubleshooting: The CTO will be required to manage or organise the management of technical issues as they arise, and to make themselves available (or put sufficient processes in place) to ensure that any issues are dealt with quickly and professionally.

Technology Audits and Assistance: During the start-up phase,  It will be the responsibility of the CTO to ensure technical efficiency of the company, by carrying out a technology audit and to managing the day-to-day technology needs, such as data-protection, storage and backup, software updates, website updates and other ad hoc requirements. Contingency planning and disaster managing will also be the responsibility of the CTO.

Current Thinking: Staying up-to-date and across new technologies and more efficient or engaging ways of doing things.


As this company is a start-up, the duties and responsibilities may move and change. The right applicant will be willing to pitch in to various arrays in order to help the company reach it’s goals, and be open and flexible toward change and adjustment. The ability to maintain an open dialogue of communication is essential so that all problems, pressures and pains can be dealt with without conflict.


Soft-Skills Required.

Communication: The CTO must be able to communicate ideas, insights, problems and thoughts in a way that is assertive yet non-confrontational. Joining a start-up means recognising that this is a learning experience for all team members, and having a solution and task focused attitude is essential. Part of the role will be to help non-technical members of the team to see realities, while always striving for the best possible outcomes.

Integrity: As an integral member of the founding team, the CTO must act with the upmost integrity of all times. They must be willing to give themselves 100% to the project for the time agreed and must always act in accordance with the best wishes of the company and the team.

Hard Working and Persevering: The CTO must be willing to give more at the times it is needed and to balance this with down-time where less input is required. The ethos of the company is not to count hours but to see results, and deadlines must be met.

Openness to Change: The CTO must have a personality that is aligned with a start-up culture. They must be willing and happy to shift priorities and focus as needed and to pitch in and help out in a wide variety of areas.

Team Working and Co-Operation: The CTO will need to work closely with the CEO, graphic designer and other technical specialists. This will mean taking direction when appropriate but also offering opinions and being a partner on the development journey.

Problem Solving: The ability to see solutions and not just problems in relation to all technical areas is an essential requirement.

Quick and Logical Thinking: Much of the work will involve a high need for maths and logic.

Generating Ideas: Ideas pertaining to faster solutions, other avenues or different approaches will always be welcome.

Attention to Detail

Education and Knowledge

·        Degree or Post Graduate Qualification in Computer Science or related discipline

·        Highly skilled in the use of one or more programming languages including HTML and PHP.

·        Big Data

·        Hybrid App Design


Reporting Duties

Reporting to CEO and fellow team-members weekly or as agreed. Collaboration.

If this sounds like you we'd love to hear from you! Please contact with your resume.