Graduate Recruitment

Graduate Recruitment is isn't always simple. Though Ireland ranks in the global top ten for quality of education, identifying and attracting the right talent for your company can have its challenges, particularly in today's highly competitive marketplace.

"What is even meant by the right talent, anyway?"  

What do we mean? Top academic performers? Supreme intelligence?  How about someone whose transferable skills, qualifications, interests, personality and deep motivators match the requirements of the role and the culture of the company. Someone who is gritty; someone that will love their work enough to tenaciously persevere and to overcome the challenges they encounter as they develop...

That's all good and well, I hear you say, but you try finding these people. Not everyone comes to our fairs. Not everyone sees our advertisements. Our dream candidates may not even know how happy they'd be with us. Or how to tell us how truly fantastic they are. 

Enter Budding

We provide access to graduates that may not otherwise know who you are or why your company is perfect for them. We deliver your message directly to their inbox and show the exactly how the match you, which research tells us, will increase their attraction to you, if you are the right company for them. More choice, less cost, better quality graduate hires. 

The Candidate Pool

Budding is no ordinary recruitment system. Rather,  at our heart, we are a career management system, helping our candidates to understand who they are and what they want from a career, at a really deep level. This provides us with a level of detail that is unattainable from CVs and allows us to make quick and instantaneous matches with employers that are perfect for them, so that you get candidates that are perfect for you. And what's more, we are THE most price competitive tool on the market.

You assess the attributes that you need for the role and we match you with your perfect graduates. Your long list is ranked by suitability based on established scientific method. SHINE is an acronym which stands for Strengths, Hard-Skills and Knowledge, Interests, Nature (or behavioural style) and Essence.

The Science

Our SHINE model is based on the latest thinking in career psychology and our matching algorithms are grounded in scientific theory. The methodology which we incorporate has been proven to have excellent predictive validity when it comes to how employees perform on the job.  

Our revolutionary system makes sourcing graduates and short listing the right talent easy. Long listing is instant and automatic which allows us to make our tool extremely cost-effective. At the click of a button you can see exactly who each candidate is, what supporting evidence they have uploaded and how well they match you.

The Convenience

When you get a match, you will instantly be able to view how and why the match has occurred. No more wading through resumes wishing that candidates had included the information that you actually need. With Budding, you'll be able to see supporting 'evidence' for all your requirements and at a click of a button can organise your shortlist, ranked by relevance for you.